Hello, i’m Mariana


Welcome to my Beauty Van. My name is Mariana. I was born in 1987 in Lisbon, Portugal, and I have lived in London since 2015. I’m married and I have a beautiful daughter. I have been working as a beautician since 2009, and my passion is to help women find their beauty and I believe strongly in the therapeutic effect of beauty treatments. I have always loved kids and before becoming a beauty therapist I qualified for a RQF level 3 Child Care and worked with kids on different occasions. With my van, I can now put my two passions together. Making a difference in the lives of women and creating special memories for little girls with the pamper parties.

“A happy heart makes the face cheerful”

– Prob 15:13

About Us

Grace on Wheels is a business with a heart for social change. This vision was born in my heart in November 2018. During my journey as a beautician, I have the opportunity to speak with women from different cultures, ages, religions, and social classes. I discovered that for many of them, their time in the salon is not only a time of relaxation but also a time to open their hearts about their problems and emotions.

 Most of my clients are middle/upper class, and between work, family, and children they still have the opportunity to pay for beauty services, which makes them feel more beautiful and special.

 But what about women who don’t have the opportunity to pay for beauty services? How can we make them feel special and loved?

I want to have the opportunity to take Grace on Wheels to these women and their kids who, due to the circumstances of life have been deprived of the ability to pay for beauty services, my heart is to reach out to victims of Domestic abuse/violence, homelessness, human trafficking and also women in detentions/prisons.

 Wherever they are, Grace on Wheels’ goal is to reach them. Making them feel special for a day, highlighting their beauty, and showing them that they are loved and are not forgotten.

See some of the voluntary work BLOG

We also host kid’s pamper parties on our  Beauty Van to give children a different pampering experience and to create special memories. For more information go to Kids Party